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Qi Wen

10+ years product design experienceGlobal alignment, full- stack, multi-dimensional, multi field, multi-end, designer with product thinking, members-first perspective, business mind, visual capability.


Work as Senior product Designer in LinkedIn, design projects from end to end: from user research and data driven to prototyping and design guideline. The deliverables include product concepts, workflow, wireframe, visual design, prototype and design guidelines. And lead design interns.
Participated in the creation of new apps from 0 to 1 twice, from explorations to final design to online, and setting up design guideline. In the international design team, I work effectively with global designers to consistency with global design, consider multi-language usage scenarios, deliver design global solutions. Independently responsible for the design of several important pillar (QP, Content, Growth, Career tab) at the same time, with the high degree of coordination ability, and the data results* are positive.

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