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Neptune Profile design

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

As a product designer of the International team, persisted in global design thinking and designed Neptune Profile to support multi-country and multi-language globalization functions. Considering the particularity of multiple languages, while ensuring consistency with LinkedIn Design guidelines and user experience, designe d this function. The creation entry point of multi-language has been launched and is still in using today.


Designing this function in Neptune profile aimed to improve the user's profile creation, editing,, and management experience in multi-language.

Why did we design this feature

User needs and Business needs

Usability problems

1.For entrance and management of multi-language

When users entered their self-profile, they couldn't find the multi-language entrance, they only could edit their profiles with mixed languages, this means that they showed a language as their profile's main language with a sub-language to explain their first language's information.

  • The multi-language entrance was folded in the drop-down menu.It's difficult to be found at first glance.

  • Users didn't know which language was the primary language and they couldn't delete and reset other language as the primary language.

2.For editing experience

There was a syncing editing problem among multi languages existing here.

  • Users needed to switch the tabs to check and align the profile's information which was editing by them between the second language's profile and the corresponding primary language profile.

  • Some infromation could be modified in the second language profile, and others couldn't be modified, and there was no prompt message.This made the user experience more confusing.

3.For displaying of the multi-language.

After creating multi-language,user didn't know which language version is shown to other users, and the logic behind it

  • Viewer could only view others' profile in one language.

  • The displayed profile is decided by viewer’s UI language.

  • If there’s no matched profile, the primary profile was displayed by default, but users did not know the logic and the rule.

(The rule was:When there is no match between the UI language of the viewer and the primary languge of the creator,displayed which languge of profile to viewer is decided by creator's primary languag)

As for entry point of creation, management, editing,redesign the multi-language in Neptune.

1. Final design for creation

Highlight the Entry point of the multi-language profile

(Due to the development issues,the online version only supports removing other language,but not exchanging Primary profile.)

2. Multi-language profile management

3. Design concepts for editing multi-language

Solving the Multiple profile syncing problem.

Due the the project priorities and development issues,we doesn't support real-time translation function,but will support it in the future.

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