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LinkedIn China Redesign_Profile MVP&Planning

Updated: Apr 4

Redesign Profile_MVP for LinkedIn China new strategy, and set planning for Profile_long term

User feedbacks are positive.

1.All participants successfully completed creating and editing an experience task. They thought adding an experience was easy.Through the comparison between the old and new versions, they feedback that adding skill becomes easier.

2."The new version looks cleaner than the old one, I like now version. A larger gap would make people feel comfortable."

"The new version has some simple design elements. The old version feels like the original features were cut off in a raw way, but the new version feels pretty good"

Data results are positive

Launched in July, ramp 50% for half a month:

Quality Profile:+26.08%

Student Quality Profile:+22.38%

Profile with Photo:+7.11%

Total Profile Edits:+2.43%

Unique Profile Editors:+1.85%

Skill completion:+14.6%

There are other some design concepts for Profile long term&short term

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