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LinkedIn China App Redesign

Updated: Apr 5

Redesign a app with the new product strategy for Elites

My role

Long term

  1. Functions & Features explorations for create Career network

  2. UX & UI Explorations for whole app

  3. Each tab’s functions & ideas explorations

Short term-MVP

  1. Redesign Profile

  2. Redesign Me Tab

  3. New profile planning design

Why did we redesign

Oct 2021 China strategy shift - LinkedIn announced China product pivot in October 2021 to meet compliance requirements.

LinkedIn China App is a Social (Feed and Connections) + Workplace App

We lose our core function-feed, so we need to find new core functions


Find our target users is Elite

Big TAM for Elites

  1. Engagement :Elites, as recruiter search targeting and paid job applicants, have 1.4M TAM on LI:480K WAU(36% of MAU),680K MAU(28% of MAU).

  2. 95% of elite MAU have 2-20 years of experience and 50% of them are in 500+ size company

Huge contribution from elites to both LTS and active job seekers

  1. Monetization:Elite MAU contributed 95% of LTS Inmail 7d accepts in China

  2. Consumer:70% active referrers mentors

Who are the Elite users

  1. Most elite users are male (70.8%)

  2. Nearly half are between the ages of 31-40 (48.3%)

  3. Most of them live in first-tier cities (73.1%)

  4. Over eighty percent are IOU (82.8%)

  5. Most of them have management experience (Manager, 22.5%, Senior manager, 18.6%, Director, 18.2%)

  6. Work in foreign companies (45.6%) or private companies (35.8%)

  7. Many work in companies with more than 10,000 employees (31.6%)

  8. Most of them worked for more than five years (6 ~ 10 yrs, 19.4%, 11 ~15 yrs, 24.4%, 16~20 yrs, 18.0%)

  9. Many people work in these industries: manufacturing (22.6%), internet (21.4%), finance (9.6%).

What’s they want

Elite WAU come to LI to do

  • Stay informed: Feed consumption >=3 (74%), Feed like/comment/share (18%)

  • Network and Building Connections: Viewing profile (67%), Searching people (~45%), Viewing messages (30%)

  • Job is not a main reason for elites to visit LI:88% elite MAU are non-active job seekers

We have confirm our findings from UER

New strategy to retain and engage elites

Explore Features for building career network

漂流瓶 + Career Service

Career service

Design solutions

Janice Yu needs a career service, posts a career service in her profile

Tim Hua provides a career service to Janice Yu

Tim Hua posts a career service in his profile

User feedbacks on this feature are positive

“Sometimes I am also very confused and want to ask the seniors in the industry how to better plan my career development path. But there is no such person around me. This is a good idea to get me in touch with these seniors. "—— Daisy, 31-35,Finance, Finance

“I am very willing to provide service to others, but I need a reward mechanism to continue this function. I find that the function of earning elite coins is very good"——Louis, 26-30,Project management, Internet

Explore the functions, ideas,UX & UI for each tab

There are findings from the Elite users' UER, and base these findings,I explored ideas and concept designs

  1. Stay informed

  2. Build connections

  3. Get job opportunities

  4. Career development

  5. View other’s profile & show themselves

  6. Overseas

Explore visual design

Video to introduce exploration designs for functions and Tabs

Early Define the new Design guideline

Participate in design new guideline

Launched results

MVP has been launched in July 2022, ramp 50% for half a month

MVP (with PGC and PYMK): +4.8% WAU, Discover WAU +0.40%,QP+17.08%

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