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Identity Pillar design (QP)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

LinkedIn Profile creates opportunity for our members and fuels all our ecosystems. They are at the core of all of our products.

The eQM and Session are the two data indicators that LinkedIn most cares about, and QP plays a crucial role in driving these two data

  • Quality profile directly help achieve eQM. QP is the foundation for members to become eQM

  • And it indirectly help drive sessions. By having necessary attributes for example industry & company & title, LI understands customers better. It customizes content/ jobs that members might be interested in. Or recommend coworkers/alumni. More likely to interact on LinkedIn.

As the Lead Designer, I am responsible for the design of the entire Identity Pillar(QP).Through the design, the data of Weekly achieved quality profile has raised from 15K in April 2017 to 30K in March 2018 within one year. Weekly achieved quality profile data increased by 100% in one year.

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