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Chitu App (Including Live broadcast)

Updated: Apr 3

With the philosophy and pace of a startup company, I participated in the closed development, contributing to the entire app product creation and design process of Chitu from scratch. In less than a year, we created a professional social networking app that achieved a user base of 2 million in China.

1.Chitu App Redesign

(1) Feed Pillar Redesign:

The redesign aimed to reduce unnecessary page elements and minimize reading distractions to enhance the reading experience while also improving the recognition of various content types within the dynamic Feed Pillar.

  • Differentiated design was employed to enhance the recognizability of each content type, elevating the distinctiveness of content cards.

  • The entire homepage’s design style was revamped, with adjustments to font size and spacing, and a shift towards a card-style, lightweight design as the main approach.

  • The redesign focused on enhancing the reading experience by reducing unnecessary elements and minimizing wireframe-style design.

  • While ensuring a quality reading experience, the redesign also aimed to lower the card height to increase page browsing rates.

100% ramp result for a month

FUV of first tab has risen+4.67% ,SU Revenue +8.89%

(2) Connections Pillar Redesign:

Data indicated that when the number of friends reached 20, the retention rate would stabilize at a relatively steady level.

  • The redesign emphasized ‘new friend requests’ to encourage users to add more friends.

  • It brought the ‘recommended friends list’ to the forefront, making it visible on the main screen.

  • The old horizontal tab mode was replaced with a vertical layout that highlights the main modules.

100% ramp result for two weeks

The UU of the home page of connection has risen +73.5%

The UU of the new connection has risen +75%

(3). Discovery Pillar Redesign

Highlight the four major distinctive features of the discovery page, making the Discovery Pillar intuitive.

  • Change the old vertical layout to a multi-directional layout, both horizontally and vertically.

  • Expose the four major features in a grid navigation style on the main screen’s prominent position, allowing users to immediately understand the core functions of this pillar upon entry.

  • Vertically expose the selected content of the four major features in each module on the homepage column.

2.New Feature Design

(1).Workplace Sharing Tab The Workplace Sharing Tab serves as a display platform for live broadcasts and other event functions, allowing users to filter through this Pillar to find live broadcasts and event content that suits them.

  • It provides a separate Tab to directly showcase the types of live broadcasts and events.

  • It offers a timeline interaction feature, which intuitively presents the event schedule to users, allowing them to choose activities and live broadcasts based on time.

  • Content is displayed from various dimensions such as time and content type.

(2).Live Broadcasting

Provides users with real-time online interactive knowledge sharing features related to the workplace.

  • Offers two modes of sharing: video and audio.

  • Guests and users can interact in the live broadcast room through discussions, questions, voice messages, and reactions such as likes and comments.


At that time, each online event had an attendance of 300-500 people, and the number of active participants in smaller events reached 100-200 people. Influential figures such as Kai-Fu Lee, Zhenggang Lin, and Sihong Zhang participated as guest speakers in online events, which were consistently full. The events generated over 500 original pieces and over 500 likes and comments, leading to an increase in daily active users and growth in user-generated content (UGC).

(3).Topic Discussion - Q&A

Provides a platform for topic discussions, helping creators to collect answers to questions and enabling content consumers to answer questions and express their opinions. This fosters interaction among users and the exchange of professional experiences.

100% ramp result for a month

Engagement of topics +6.26%

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