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Content Pillar redesign

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

As the design lead of Content, I took the lead in designing the entire Content, diverging the consumable content types to encourage user contribution and interaction. And at the same time, as an owner initiated and led the redesign to improve the user experience.

Lead the feed user experience redesign

My goal is finding the top problems from the UER finding, data analysis and by myself, and deliver design solutions for them.Discover and solve problems from the creator end to the consumer end.

1.@Someone experience redesign

Improve the user experience(UX flow and Ui) of mention someone in feed, help user mention someone conveniently

Find the problem from UER and by myself

(1)User feedback from UER

  • Most participants got confused at first when they found the auto drop-down list only have serval options after entering the @symbol;

  • Some participants felt unsure whether the @mentions worked after selecting the person from the list;

(2)Define the problems — find opportunities — redesign

Design solution

  • Redesign the recommendation popover to cover the full screen , improve the utilization of space, improve user experience;

  • Clear recommendation logic and recommend all connections lists;

  • User search box visualization, prompt the user to accurately search the contacts schools, users and companies that need mention;

  • Support multi select

  • After selecting a person, highlight the selected user's name in publisher

Ramp 100% in a month:

The data results are positive:

Unique member onsite post editors+8.78%

Daily Unique contributors with Response +3.57%

2.Hashtag experience redesign

Improve the user experience(UX flow and Ui) of editing a"#" hashtag in publisher, help user post a hashtag conveniently.

Find the problem from UER and by myself

(1)User feedback from UER

The hashtag cannot be formed successfully in some occasions, such as when there is no space character between the text and the hash character.

(2)Define the problems — find opportunities — redesign

For "#" hashtag experience in publisher

Define the problems — find opportunities — redesign

For "#" hashtag discover box

Design solution

  • Redesign the "#" hashtag experience in publisher

  • Redesign the "#"hashtag discovery box

Hashtag publisher redesign

Ramp 50% first week:

The data results are positive:

Daily Unique Contributors +5.51%

SU Revenue +11.42%

SN Weekly Active Users +35.38%

Total Macrosessions +6.64%

Hashtag discovery box redesign

Ramp 50% first week:

The data results are positive:

All Follows From Feed Uniques +7.71%

Desktop Votes From Feed +11.84%

Mobile Follows From Feed Uniques +9.0%

3.Feed Publishing entry point

The current problem:

  • The publishing portal is mixed in the feed, which is not highly recognizable

  • At the same time, the position moves out of the screen as the user slides the page

Design solution:

  • Highlight the entrance in the form of icon pop-up window

  • Fixed entrance position

50% ramp

+5.97% Unique Member Content Sharers

+5.15% Unique Profile Editor

4.Redesign Layout for posts with photos and webpages

Redesign the image in the feed, including the UX and UI of image posting and displaying.Improve the user's reading experience and align with the Chinese users' usage habits.At the same time, it is consistent with the entire feed user experience.

Improve screen efficiency ratio. More content is displayed in one screen, so users can read more information.


  • The feed UI has been staying as the global style.

  • Zephyr feed's design is not friendly to Chinese users..

Design Posts with photos

This is the most common type of posts on Zephyr. The design goal of the improvement is to:

  • Display the full photo when there's only one

  • Reduce the size of single photo (so that users can see more than one post one the screen)

  • Simplify the layout for multiple photos (a by-product is that we saved lots of space thus other posts got more exposure)

50% ramp result

The data results are positive:

+4.11% Homepage PV

+4.10% FUV

+8.39% SU Revenue

5.Feed font size and line spacing

We got some feedback from users that they felt our font size is small, and the content is crowded. So in order to solve these problems, we optimized font size and line spacing to make the feed more readable.


  • The font size of the text, re-sharing and article title are all size 14, lacking hierarchy

  • And the line spacing is 100%, which is crowded


On the basis of keeping consistent with the design guideline of the whole App, adjusting the font size and line spacing to improved the reading experience.

  • Font size: 16 points for the main text, 15 points for forwarding, the font size increases the primary and secondary layering of the reading experience;

  • Line spacing: increased to 140%, improving reading comfort;

  • Text transparency: 70% for text, comments, and forwarding; Card's title: 90%, highlighting the main content of the card through transparency;

Feedbacks from UER from 2020.9

Customer satisfaction increased by 22%most respondents were satisfied with LinkedIn new feed, they felt more comfortable than before.It's easier to read.

"When I read feed,I found it become better than before, but I don't know the reason"—— Ms. Xu, 31-35

50% ramp (iOS)

+5.53% EFS (+1.79% China SWI)

+9.81% Feed Viral Action

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